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The Sport Factory Associate Coach Program

The Sport Factory only admits the most passionate and knowledgeable coaches into their associate program, and our objective is to set the standard in endurance sport coaching. Our compensation package is the best in the business, but we want the very best coaches. In order to meet this standard you must possess the right mix education, experience, professionalism, and interpersonal skills. We train our coaches to use the latest methods and technology, and to grow and prosper their coaching business' long term. Approval is on a case by case but minimum requirements include...

  • Passing of our coaching competency exam with a minimum score of 80%. This online exam requires a knowledge base above the club coaching level, and ensures that we have qualified applicants entering our program. If you would like to take the competency exam, and meet our minimum requirements, please submit the application below.
  • A coaching license from the national governing body of the sport you wish to coach.  We require an expert level or level II coaching license, however you may be in the process of obtaining it, or obtain it within the specified time period by the governing body.
  • BS or MS degree in a science or exercise related background and/or...additional or supplemental certification; ACE, ACSM, NSCA, NATA
  • Competitive and/or coaching experience. Services to the sport and active participation in the sport community. 
  • Passing of our power training competency exam with a minimum score of 85%. This may be completed during your first year of coaching with The Sport Factory.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the use of training technology such as heart rate based training, software, and use of a power meter in training plan design and analysis.
  • Completion of a 6 month training period under the direction and direct supervision of our coaching education coordinator.

  • Once you are an associate you can spend your time coaching athletes and not mired in the details of running a coaching business.

    Associate Benefits Include:


  • Training. We provide the curriculum, training, and mentoring that will develop you into a coach of the highest standard. Our coaches interact through our staff meetings, message boards, and in our facility. We share our thoughts, ideas, and knowledge.
  • Compensation. The best compensation in the business, our coaches enter our training program at a rate of 60% and move to 70% upon completion. A rate of 75% gross revenue is awarded upon completion of a level 2 coaching license.
  • Athlete assignment. We bring the athletes to you so you can spend your time coaching. Most of our coaches reach their capacity level.
  • Marketing opportunities through our monthly newsletter, website, and print advertising. We also help our associates submit content for publication on the web and in print. We sponsors races, events, attend expos, and run one of the most successful teams program in the country.
  • Benefits. Our coaches have free access to our facility, receive our specialty services free of charge, can attend all camps, clinics,and classes free of charge, and receive a cost+ 5% discount through our Pro Shop saving them thousands of dollars.
  • Business / Coach development. The Sport Factory is constantly updating methodologies and systems. We make you more efficient as a coach so you can work with more athletes.
  • Invoicing and collection. We invoice your clients so you are paid on time and in full.
  • Coaching Community. You are in contact with the other Sport Factory coaches, and you have access to many years of experience and knowledge for idea exchange and advice.
  • Prestige. The Sport Factory is recognized as one the premier endurance sport coaching companies in the country. We have worked with many pros, top amateurs, and have created champions. Our program is credited with hundreds of overall placements, including professional placements.
  • Creativity. We welcome it. The Sport Factory is a highly synergesic environment. Our coaches get to interject their own talents and abilities into our programs, or create a new one. Many of our programs initiated from our coaches ideas and execution upon them.

  • For more information or to schedule and interview please submit the following. All questions must be answered in order to submit.

    * 1. Name
    * 2. Contact number
    * 3. Email
      4. Where are you located?
    * 5. Please briefly list your educational background, including degrees, certifications, and continuing educational courses.
    * 6. Briefly describe your current and past competitive experience. Include the number of years you have participated in each sport, placements, etc..
    * 7. Are you currently a licensed coach? If so, please include governing body as well as license number and how long you have been a coach.
      8. Please list several athlete references we may contact.
      9. Have you done any volunteer work or have you been involved in clubs or organizations in your sport of interest? Please describe how you are involved in your local athletic community.
      10. Please describe your goals, objectives, and proposed career path as a coach. Include one year, three year, and ten year goals.
      11. Describe any other direct experience you have in coaching, training, sport nutrition, or athletics.